Is it time to tailor a course to fit your business requirements?

How often have you browsed a course listing and struggled to find something that’s going to deliver results that match your organisation’s requirements? You’re probably one of the many people who have been faced with this issue.

At Uniper’s Engineering Academy, we do things a little differently ….

It should be easy to get in touch with a training provider to review an existing course with a view to tailoring it to your requirements. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case - which is why so many customers like to talk to us, as they know we understand the importance of tailored training solutions.

One such customer is Viridor, a large UK business that specialises in the conversion of waste to energy through its many energy recovery facilities (ERFs).

Viridor had been working with Uniper experts to ensure that the water chemistry at each of its ERFs was optimal for safe and efficient operation. It was necessary to update senior staff at each new-build site in terms of their responsibilities and specific challenges around feed water chemistry and water treatment plant and to provide refresher training to staff at existing sites. They required a specialist training course for this.

Knowing that Uniper’s Engineering Academy delivers a water chemistry course, Viridor got in touch to see if it would be possible to modify it to accommodate these specific requirements.

Uniper took the time to meet with Viridor to explore and understand the requirement and it soon became clear that a shorter course was needed, as well as an end-of-course assessment to understand the level of chemical knowledge attained by each attendee.

Peter Stewart, Performance Improvement Manager, from Viridor, commented: “We knew that Uniper had the expert subject knowledge thanks to the time that they’d spent supporting us at our various sites and that they had a respected training facility in the Engineering Academy.

“The natural fit was to combine the two to ensure continuity in this safety-critical area and that staff received site-specific training in-line with the new local management instructions.”   

The resulting tailored course has already been rolled out to three sites, with a fourth about to get under way. The timings have been arranged to reflect shift patterns and individual site needs.

Written and verbal feedback received from delegates to date has been very positive and the site-specificity has made it easier to relate topics to the working environment.

If you’re interested in bespoke or standard delivery of any of our courses then you can get in touch with us here.