Engineering Academy 'Doing Our Bit To ‘Keep The Lights On!'

At the Engineering Academy (EA), the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges, but the dedicated team were determined to overcome these, and ultimately, do their bit to keep the lights on!

By making the switch to online courses, the Academy has been able to help its delegates and apprentices continue training and learning - even during these unprecedented times!

Protecting the safety of staff, trainees and apprentices is always at the top of the Academy’s agenda, which is why we acted quickly in response to the Government’s restrictions.

Whilst the building has temporarily closed for face-to-face training, the teams have been busy making the all-important transition to ‘digital’ learning, and after six weeks are able to offer over a third of the courses from their training schedule in an online format, which has proved vital for a number of customers.

Anthony Landers, Assistant Plant Manager for CDCPK commented on the Academy’s switch to digital: “A brilliant example of rising above obstacles and adapting to the change in the working environment. The continued training and development is vital to our business continuity. Well done to all who made this happen.”

To date, the Academy has successfully delivered courses online to internal and external customers, including:

  • City & Guilds Certificate Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) Operation Gas Turbine Training Course (delivered by Phil Crutchley)
  • Safety Authorisation PAM 1 (delivered by Neil Gelsthorpe)
  • Safety Authorisation PAMs 1,4 & 9 (delivered by Mike Knowles)
  • City & Guilds Certificate in Principles & Operation of Small Thermal Plant for Heat & Power Production (delivered by Elaine Oliver)

Nick Booth, Head of the Engineering Academy said: “Our rapid response to the situation has been a great testament to how the team have pulled together despite working remotely. We’ve accelerated activities to deliver online training and have received some great feedback from our customers. We’ll continue to work on our switch to digital as part of our ongoing strategy refresh; as well as developing new products in readiness for the energy evolution of skills and training requirements for a decarbonised energy future. I’m incredibly proud of the response from the team at the Academy – and for us, this is what it means to work in the Uniper Way.”

The EA continues to review its operations, and in light of the latest Government advice to protect customers and employees, the EA has decided to extend the period of time for the postponement of face to face training from the 8th May until the end of May 2020. The Academy continues to work with the Uniper COVID-19 Coordination Group to identify appropriate measures that could allow partial reopening for selected face-to-face courses in the coming months. 

If you’d like to know more about the Academy’s training schedule and online course offerings, contact the team: