Mechanical Apprenticeships

The mechanical apprenticeship discipline will provide apprentices with the skills and theoretical understanding which will allow them to become capable craft technicians on power generation sites. This level 3 programme will take three and a half years to complete over which time, they will benefit from a variety of learning methods.

During their first two years on the programme, apprentices will complete 100 days of mechanical theory training through a level 3 Technical Certificate (BTEC). During this time, they will also embark on 160 days of enhanced training where their discipline specific practical skills will be learnt. Any additional time will be spent back at the employers site. 

The enhanced training courses are as follows:

  • Hand-skills (20 days).
  • Fabrication (15 days).
  • Welding Appreciation (5 days).
  • Rigging & Slinging (5 days).
  • Pipework (15 days).
  • Scaffold & Access Equipment Appreciation (5 days).
  • Machining (20 days).
  • Bearings & Lubrication (10 days).
  • Valves (10 days).
  • Mechanical Drives (10 days).
  • Shaft Alignment (5 days).
  • Boiler Fittings & Prime Movers (5 days).
  • Pneumatic Actuators (5 days).
  • Pumps (20 days).
  • Compressors (10 days).

After the first two years, all training will be complete. The remaining eighteen months will be spent assessing the apprentice’s skills back at their site through an NVQ (level 3) extended diploma. Contact will be maintained on a regular basis during this time through the Engineering Academy’s in-house assessment team who will work with the apprentice and site management to ensure that they meet all their targets. 

The apprenticeship will be drawn to a close with an end-point assessment where a portfolio of the apprentice’s work will be assessed and the apprentice will be required to sit an exam. 

If this apprenticeship sounds like a good fit for your business, please get in touch with us so that we can answer any questions that you have:

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Apprenticeships are now more attainable than ever with the apprenticeship levy that was introduced last year. This means that funding values currently sit at £26,000 for the ‘MOET’ apprenticeship. 

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Apprentice Support

Apprentice wellbeing is at the heart of our programme. We don't just teach apprentices how to work safely, we have mechanisms in place to ensure that when learning with us, whether under our supervision or not, all apprentices are cared for and any issues are dealt with swiftly. 

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