Design & Development

Have you ever spent weeks trying to find a training course that will fit your specific needs only to come away empty handed? Whilst training providers try to cater for as many people, organisations and skillsets as possible with their standard course offerings, sometimes the ‘one size fits all’ solution just won’t fit. 

This is where Uniper’s Engineering Academy can help you because we have in-house experts with combined industry and training knowledge who can develop courses to a specific need. We’ll spend time getting to know your business and requirements in full so that you get the right solution. This could see us design a new training course from the ground up or simply tailor one of our existing courses so that it includes more of what you need. 

We develop all our own training courses and regularly receive positive feedback from attendees so we’re confident that we know what we’re doing. We even work with City & Guilds to get certain courses accredited under our own line of accreditation codes (9848). It’s only fair that we share these skills with you so that your organisation can benefit from the same positive results that we see. 

If you’re still struggling to find the right solution for your staff, then let us know because we’re always looking for new courses to design and develop. 

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