Training Needs Analysis

There comes a point in the life of all organisations when it’s necessary to stop and take count of precisely which skills are present throughout the workforce and perhaps more importantly, which are missing. You may choose to do this to ensure compliance with legislation or simply to take stock so that it’s easier to call upon the right people when specific technical tasks need to be completed. 

Whatever the reason, this can be a time-consuming job whether it’s for a small business or a large multi-national organisation. Support is available to you though thanks to a clever tool that Uniper’s Engineering Academy has developed called the E-Assessment Platform. This tool is delivered online and can be adapted to any engineering or operational profession or role. It can be rolled out and scaled accordingly to businesses of any size and can be completed at any location where there’s an internet connection, a computer or tablet present. 

The E-Assessment Platform works by focussing your attention on the specific areas of development that individuals or groups of people require. This is achieved through a series of multiple choice questions which will have been tailored to a specific role. Selected candidates will complete every question that’s been set for their role and the E-Assessment Platform will compile the results into a report which clearly shows which areas they have excelled and where development is required. It’s these areas of development that you can focus your time, effort and eventually money to ensure that all the required skills are in place for your departments.

Results will be split into the key areas of competence for the role to help you understand if there’s a skills gap in one particular area or over many. In either case, a decision can be made as to which development method will be used to raise the level of knowledge to where it needs to be. Results may show that there aren’t any gaps at all but that top marks were not reached in which case; a simple refresher course may be necessary. 

Nobody knows your business better than you and the same is true for the roles within it. For this reason, we will work with you to understand what types of questions to include in your version of the E-Assessment tool. 

If you think this solution will help you to understand the skills gaps in your business then please get in touch with us through the form linked below. 

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