Process & Plant Safety Awareness For Managers Course

Course Overview

The Process & Plant Safety Awareness For Managers course has been designed for Plant Managers, Senior Management and Safety Representatives.

The objective of this course is to raise awareness of Process & Plant Safety by highlighting the impacts of losing containment, resulting Process & Plant Safety accidents. Also to share knowledge of tools and techniques that are being developed in the industry, in addition helping diagnose root cause post Process & Plant Safety accidents across the Power sector.

Course details

1.0 days
12 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

This is a focussed one day course, consisting of five modules which are detailed as follows:

Module 1 - Introduction – General course introduction, aims and objectives for the day, high level overview of Process & Plant Safety including the differentiation from occupational safety, a video illustrating Process & Plant Safety and an Exercise “Sharing Experience’s”.

Module 2 - World View – Top ten Process & Plant Safety related incidents from around the world, concise summary of the incident, what happened, the impacts and aftermath. Discussion in the group about each incident to look at root cause. (Delegates will be given pre-course reading to support the discussion).

Module 3 – Power Industry View – Recent Process & Plant Safety related incidents from across the Power sector, concise summary of the incident, what happened, the impacts and aftermath, challenging the thinking “it couldn’t happen here”. Group discussion over similar experiences and how they were handled and reported.

Module 4 – Process and Plant Safety Measures - An overview of measures looking at the various aspects of the tools that are in place to assist in mitigating risk (PT Risk, Bow Tie etc.), definition’s, understanding with an exercise to apply the principles of Process and Plant Safety management with a scenario followed by a group discussion around findings, for what the barriers, hazards, risks etc. were, link back to Process & Plant Safety to see how the application of the tools can have a positive impact on reducing risk. Particular emphasis on covering the following key areas within the Governance Module:

  • Process & Plant Safety Principles – Definition of key terms with case study examples of high consequence, low likelihood incidents which are often overlooked or misunderstood. Legal, moral and commercial drivers which influence industry and company practices.
  • Hazards & Risks – Potential threats to personnel & plant and the barriers to prevent and recovery measures to reduce the effects of a loss of containment or loss of control. Line of sight to relate hazards to assets and the potential consequences of possibly unknown causes.
  • Management Principles – Achieving and sustaining safe processes and plants through management actions and awareness technical guidance and cultural development. Incident reporting and performance monitoring to ensure continuous improvement.

Module 5 - Our Response what are we doing? How Process & Plant Safety is delivered at all levels within an organisation, including KPI’s and the tools & techniques to support local activities. Guidance on where to find assistance to execute the policy and procedures in the most appropriate way.

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