C & I Multiskilling

Course Overview

This five-day C & I Multiskilling course is for individuals involved in the maintenance of process plant who would like to expand or refresh their knowledge of typical process measuring instrumentation. The course offers the delegate the benefit of increased understanding of many of the different measurement principles they encounter on a frequent basis associated with the operation of process plant.

It is a theory and practical based course covering the fundamentals of how pressure, level, flow, and temperature are measured with typical instrumentation. The course will provide delegates with an understanding of how instruments are configured and calibrated.

Course details

5.0 days
8 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

The topics of focus for this course include process measurement, pressure, flow, level, temperature and HART transmitters, specific details are as follows:

An introduction to the concepts of process measurement:

  • Why instruments are calibrated
  • Types of measurement error and instrument adjustment
  • Typical calibrators

Measurement of Pressure:

  • Pressure and pressure units
  • Pressure Diaphragms, Capsules, Bellows, and Bourdon tubes
  • Pressure transmitters and the concept of 4-20mA analogue loops
  • How typical pressure transmitters are calibrated

Measurement of Flow:

  • Fundamentals of measuring flow by differential pressure
  • Orifice plates, Venturi, Pitot Tube and square law extraction
  • Basic principle Vortex and Electromagnetic flow meter
  • Fundamentals of Mass Flow measurement

Measurement of Level:

  • Direct methods and float devices
  • Level measurement by static pressure
  • Conductivity types
  • Ultrasonic and Radar types

Measurement of Temperature:

  • Basic principle of operation of a Resistance Thermometer and connection schemes
  • How resistance thermometer instruments are calibrated
  • Principles of Thermocouples, types and reference junction compensation
  • How Thermocouple instruments are calibrated
  • Temperature Signal Conditioners and configuration

Concepts of HART transmitters:

  • Transmitters with HART capability
  • Use of a Field Communicator to configure a HART transmitter

Documenting Calibrators:

  • Beamex MC5 and CMX Software overview.
  • Calibration exercises using the equipment.
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