City & Guilds 9848-53 Electrical Multiskilling (Foundation) Certificate

Course Overview

Any non-electrical staff that will be required to work on and around electrical machines and equipment.

This course will raise the awareness of the hazards and dangers associated with electrical equipment and machines and demonstrate safe methods of work accordingly.

On completion of the course you will be able to diagnose simple electrical faults and have an understanding of the possible causes and carry out necessary isolations and repairs, whilst understanding their limitations and hazards associated with the electrical systems and machines.

Once this course has been completed, you may want to consider the follow on course, Electrical Multiskilling (Enhanced)

Course details

5.0 days
8 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

Electrical skills will be taught through a mixture of practical and theoretical training which will include the following: 

  • Basic electrical safety
  • Ohms law and basic terminology
  • Testing for dead and appropriate test equipment
  • Protection devices and their operation
  • Basic measurement of fault levels
  • The importance of earthing and polarity
  • The function of the neutral and earth conductors
  • Three phase generation and distribution systems
  • Practical demonstrations including operating protection devices, the measurement of fault levels on various parts of the system and hands on demonstrations of transformer operation
  • Examine the component parts of a direct on line motor starter panel and construct a direct on line motor starter and associated control system
  • Static and functional testing at all stages
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Course Area
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