Behavioural Safety - Influencing and Reinforcement Training Course

Course Overview

Behavioural safety focuses on workers behaviour which is critical for health and safety management, improved performance and promoting a safer culture.

This training course is for those seeking to understand techniques that can be adopted to influence and reinforce safety behaviour.  It will provide delegates with an understanding of what safe/unsafe behaviour is, what can trigger behaviour and how to observe behaviour and initiate effective discussions to influence and reinforce safe behaviours.

Course details

1.0 days
12 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

This training course teaches techniques to change behaviour and improve safety culture as behaviour turns systems into reality:

  • The case for behavioural safety – why behaviour is a major component of working safe
  • What is safety culture / how and why it works
  • Defining safe / unsafe behaviours
  • Understanding personal behavioural triggers
  • Importance leadership / workforce engagement and commitment
  • How to observe, approach and conduct discussions / interventions (coaching / feedback)
  • Self-observation / analysis
  • Behavioural measurement – data for continuous improvement
  • Improved safety visibility
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