Human Factor Analysis Training Course

Course Overview

How reliable are humans? Are we set up to fail?

“Human and organisational factors have contributed to the causes of several recent incidents, in a variety of safety critical industries” (HSE)

This is an essential training course for anyone involved in job/task assessment, work planning, incident investigation, supervising/managing workers etc.

The course provides an understanding of how workers behave in the workplace and interact with their environment. 

Human factors looks at the interaction between person, job and organisation (are they aligned or has failure already entered the system?).

Proactive - It will enable work planners / assessors etc to consider human factors and reliability  when evaluating tasks and thus reduce human error

Reactive – It will help investigators identify human error during incident investigations

Course details

1.0 days
12 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

Attendees will be provided with the knowledge that will help reduce the chance of human error through the following content:

  • Defining human error
  • Understanding human failure and the degradation of performance levels
  • Human factor analysis – job / organisation / individual fit
  • Processes to determine task error analysis.  Three simple methods will be introduced :-

1. Job safety analysis (JSA) - looking at simple analysis to help people understand how to break a task down in to its critical components 

2. Hierarchical task analysis – completion of basic flowcharts

3. Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) – introduction to the concept of HRA and completion of a basic assessment.


The training course is interactive and utilises various examples, case studies and exercises to aid the learning process

It is also possible to deliver the course as a 1.5 day tailored on-site practical session where attendees will complete a human reliability assessment in their own working environment to help aid the learning process.

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