Incident Investigation Training Course

Course Overview

Achieving effective incident investigation is essential to make sure causal and contributory factors have been identified and effective improvements / action plans recommended in order to reduce the risk of similar incidents.

This training course will provide delegates with an understanding of incident investigation, taking them through the steps of information gathering and analysis using some practical techniques that will help to achieve structured and consistent investigations. 

Although this course will focus on health and safety examples, the investigation principles and practical techniques are applicable to other business failures.

Course details

2.0 days
12 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

This training course will help learners to achieve structured and consistent investigations through the following content:

  • Why investigate?
  • Problems / failings of investigations
  • Accident categories and the language of investigation
  • Gathering information
  • Immediate aftermath of the accident, priorities
  • Structuring the investigation – what happened, why it happened, how to stop it happening again
  • Witness interviewing techniques
  • Other evidence gathering
  • Behavioural considerations
  • Human factor failures between person / job / organisation
  • Examples of simple analysis tools that can be used relative to incident severity (case studies will be used to replicate investigations and provide practice in some of the techniques)    - fault tree & event tree analysis    - 5 why    - fish bone utilising 4Ps (place, person, process, plant)
  • Drawing conclusions about causation and recommendations / action plans to prevent recurrence
  • Dealing with enforcing authorities and other external bodies
  • Report writing and presentation of findings
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