City & Guilds 9848-42 Certificate in Principles & Operation of Small Thermal Plant for Heat & Power Production (Part 1) Training Course Modular Delivery

Course Overview

These City & Guilds accredited training course modules are aimed at Operators and Technicians within the Energy Recovery (including Energy From Waste), Biomass and small combustion power plant sectors. It has been designed to provide operators and/or technical personnel with a working knowledge and practical understanding of the design, construction and operational principles of Small Thermal Plant for Heat and Power Production.

The type of facilities and equipment covered by this programme may produce electricity only, heat only or a combination of both. They may be Energy from Waste (EFW) or Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) and will typically be less than 100MW electrical power generation, and use a variety of different technologies and fuel sources which may include; a wide range of biomass and or waste products.

Module dates are:

Module 1: 16th April 2020

Module 2: 7th May 2020

Module 3: 11th June 2020

Module 4: 9th July 2020

Module 5: 6th August 2020

Module 6: 3rd September 2020

Module 7: 29th October 2020

Module 8: 12th November 2020

Module 9: 17th December 2020

Module 10: 7th January 2021

Course details

1.0 days
10 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

This modular training course sees each module focus on a certain topic, lasting for one day. 

The ten module topics are:

  • Module 1 - Thermodynamics and Steam Generation (M1)
  • Module 2 - Combustion Chemistry and Boiler Firing Theory (M2)
  • Module 3 - Boilers Steam Raising Plant and Heat Transfer (M3)
  • Module 4 - Feed Water Systems and Boiler Water Chemistry (M4)
  • Module 5 - Steam Turbines and Associated Plant and Systems (M5)
  • Module 6 - Electrical Theory, Alternators and Electrical Systems (M6)
  • Module 7 - Control and Instrumentation (M7)
  • Module 8 - Auxiliary Systems; Plant Operation and Safety Systems (M8)
  • Module 9 - Plant Efficiency; Internal Combustion Engines: Gas Turbines and Reciprocating Engines (M9)
  • Module 10 - Energy and Environment (M10)

A short exam will be held at the end of each module to assess the information retention of the candidates. Candidates who successfully pass all ten short exams will be awarded the City and Guilds certificate in Principles and Operation of Small Thermal Plant for Heat and Power Production (Part 1).

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