Face to Face Site Based Training Delivery Resumes!

As the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, the Engineering Academy has been hard at work getting ready to open its doors again on June 22nd to deliver training. We’ve used remote learning solutions up to now to support our customers which have gone down very well but it’s not been possible to do this with our practical courses. Whilst we’re still a long way from ‘normal’, we’ve been working with Drax Power Limited to deliver courses on their site - our first face to face training courses since lockdown began.

The Engineering Academy worked with Drax to understand their COVID-19 protocols in advance of the course so that we knew how to comply. Dennis Langley has been responsible for delivering the course and was very impressed with how such a large site has managed to implement social distancing so effectively. Dennis highlighted “From first entering the building, the signage is excellent with a map of the building and it’s one way system on display. Blue arrows direct you through this one way system and if you follow this all around the building you will eventually arrive back in reception where you can exit the building”. He went on “Barriers separate the ‘In’ door and the ‘Out’ door thus maintaining two metres social distancing”.

When combined with ‘One at a time’ systems, staggered course start and end times, ensuring rooms are large enough with specific spacing between seats and equipping those rooms with hand sanitiser amongst many other carefully considered controls, it’s clear that face to face training can be managed safely and effectively despite the COVID-19 situation.

For more information regarding the measures that are being put in place for when the Engineering Academy reopens, click here.