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Uniper’s Engineering Academy is dedicated to inspiring and supporting every generation of engineer. There’s no better place to start with this than at the very beginning of a budding engineer’s career!

We know that it’s difficult to find an apprenticeship provider that can take an inexperienced person and teach them the practical skills that they’ll need to progress on their chosen career path. Often, apprentices are taught the theory but the practical skills need to be learnt at site. This poses challenges around the safety of the apprentice and how on-site mentors can ensure they dedicate the time to ensuring that best practices are followed and learned.

Using the Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (MOET) standard, our apprenticeship goes a step further than most. Through a BTEC certificate, apprentices will gain the most important technical knowledge that they will need for their chosen field. They will then be taught all the practical skills that they’ll need at site by our experienced trainers in our purpose-built workshops and classrooms to ensure a safe training environment.

Years one and two see the completion of all training, then from year three onwards, apprentices commence a level 3 NVQ. Through this, the skills that each apprentice has learnt will be assessed at site in live working environments to ensure that they can apply what they’ve learnt. They’ll be guided every step of the way by people that are dedicated to seeing them reach their potential, who want them to achieve great things once they’ve left our care.  

Our apprenticeship offer includes all the following areas:

Apprenticeships are more attainable than ever now with the apprenticeship levy that was introduced last year. This means that funding values currently sit at £26,000 for the ‘MOET’ apprenticeship.

No matter which discipline is chosen, you can rest assured that your apprentice(s) will be well looked after in the classroom and workshop. Our care also extends outside of learning hours for those apprentices who are not local to us! We have relationships with local accommodation providers which allow us to ensure that apprentices are catered for and looked after in the evenings and first thing in the morning. We even organise transport between their accommodation and the Academy.

If you’d like to talk to us about how apprenticeships could benefit your business, or any of the other apprenticeships that we’re working on then it would be great to hear from you.

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