Safe Management of Contractors

Course Overview

This course is for delegates who are involved in planning, setting to work, supervising, monitoring of contractors on site. 

In order to successfully control contractors an effective management control system must be in place.  This course will help delegates learn about 3 key areas :

  1. Pre-contract selection / prior to work commencement (planning, competence, examples of documentation requirements)
  2. Management of contractors during site work (examples of documentation, importance of supervision and monitoring)
  3. Importance of review post work

Course details

1.0 days
12 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
Next available course date
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Course Content

  • Understanding legal duties of all parties
  • Summary of key elements of CDM
  • Importance of job identification and consideration of health and safety implications   
  • Example requirements of contractor approval process
  • Why focus on contractors?
  • Different contractor groups (possible different risk potentials)
  • Importance of induction
  • Importance of management documentation e.g. risk assessments, method statements, permits to work
  • Importance of supervision, consultation and involvement, co-ordination, managing and monitoring work
  • Understanding some key site hazards and precautions
  • Challenging, reinforcing contractor behaviour
  • Post-work review

This is a highly interactive course using discussion, coaching, reflection and examples/case studies to aid the learning process

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